PEMF Therapy Helps With Pain Relief In 3 Different Ways

1.    Increases Endorphins which are natural chemicals in our body that fight pain.
2.    Reduces & temporarily interrupts the pain signals to the brain
3.    Helps the normal healing process so the tissues heal effectively


Benefits of Earth’s Magnetic Field Energy                                                                            
  1. Provides Oxygen to the Cells:
  2. Normalizes the Acid/Alkaline Balance:                                       
  3. Encourages Deep Sleep:                                                                                  
  4. Builds Immunity:                                                                            
  5. 5. Reduces Fluid Retention                                                                       
  6. Relieves/Stops Pain & Other Symptoms                                     
  7. Promotes Mental Acuity & Reasonableness:                                           
  8. Aids in Reducing & Dissolving Fatty Deposits                         
  9. Aids in Reducing Fat & Calcium in the Circulatory System:    
  10. Normalizes abnormal electrical firing in the brain   
  11. Reduces Swelling or Inflammations
Benefits of safe, earth-based frequency
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Omnium1 PEMF therapy mimics Earth’s magnetic field energy

  1. Quick pain relief without medications, addiction, needles, surgery or adverse side effects
  2. Improves macro and micro-circulation of blood, oxygenation, boosts immune system functions and cellular detoxification.
  3. Reduces breathlessness, stress, fatigue, Inflammation or swelling
  4. Enhances mood, energy, vitality, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, sleep
  5. Accelerates healing of bones, wounds and diabetic ulcers

Healthy Effects of PEMF Therapy

Improves blood circulation and capillary  blood flow in our organs

-Increases uptake of oxygen

Optimizes cellular detoxification

Enhances immune system functions


Reduces aches and pain

Rapid post-exercise recovery

-Improves visual perception

Increases energy and vitality

Improves balance and  flexibility

-Highly effective in rehabilitation                          

Reduces stress

Improves quality of sleep

Maximizes your mental clarity, focus and productivity

Slows natural aging process þOverall a greater enjoyment in life