PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field

PEMF Mimics Earth’s Magnetic Field Energy

For Use at Home or in the Clinic to Improve Health and Wellness

Skin Spa by Susi Go

Facial Peel Rejuvenation with Microdermabrasion and PEMF

PEMF Pain & Wellness Center

PEMF Improves Macro Circulation and Micro Circulation of Blood.  Reduces Pain and Assists Body to Heal

Healing Arts Touch

Therapeutic massage + PEMF Relax, Heal and Rejuvenate

Rapid Aging on the Inside

Powerful Darkfield Microscopy Life Blood Analysis of Dr. Jim Maynard Before and After Using Omnium1 PEMF Therapy

Video Testimonials of Omnium1 PEMF Users

Enlarged Prostate, Arthritis, Cancer. Dr. Bill, Veterinarian, Iowa. 1:50 minutes

Prostatitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Retired Chiropractor, SJC, CA, Dr. R. Merriott. 1:07 minutes

Various Health Issues and Pain
Terry W., Orange County, CA
1:07 minutes

Allergy Sharon, Laguna Woods, CA
0:53 seconds

Chronic Pain For 28 Years. Stan, Arizona. 1:32 minutes

Sciatica pain — Diana, Laguna Woods, CA. 2:17 minutes

Various Audio of Omnium PEMF Users Testimonials. 10 minutes

Sports Coach, Wayne Lu, Los Angeles. Pain, Interrupted Sleep
2 minutes (In Mandarin language)

Testimonials from intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) Conference in San Diego

Sleep Issues. Dr. Robyn Benson, Sante Fe, New Mexico. 1:27 minutes
Start 0.18-1.13 End

Dr. Patti-King, Kansas City, MO
Weight loss. 1:10 mins
Start 0.12-1.13 End

Wife’s muscular disease.
Kai Adler, San Diego, CA
3:53 mins

Thyroid Issue.
Valeria Alarcon, Santa Fe, CA
1:30 mins

Brain health, nervous system
— July Davis, Lake Saint Louis, USA 2:18 MIN.

Knee problem
— Martha Karnopp, Aurora, CO
1:05 MIN.

Shoulder problem/chronic pain
Rebecca Wall, San Diego, CA
0:13-4:30 mins

Lower back & neck pain
— Richard & Tsilya Hoffman, Los Angeles. 2:36 minutes 

“Can’t live without iMRS!”
— Debbie Carlson, San Diego, CA
46 seconds

PEMF Therapy for Pain Relief.